What Is Internet Advertising Banner’s?

The Internet reaches millions every day in every country. Thus effective banner advertising offers significant potential with a 24/7 marketing campaign that never sleeps. Following guidelines to good banner creation is essential. The average user browsing the web will see an average of 4 advertisements per page loaded. Therefore, you must make your advertisement stands out from the others, capitalizes on the few seconds your ad is present, and includes a call to action.


Flash Banner:

Flash banner is capable of unique and dynamic animation, user interaction and crisp vector graphics that a standard image based GIF or JPG banner cannot achieve. Whether you just simply want the eye candy animation effects, or need to direct a user to a specified URL based on the user's response to the banner, a Flash banner will be able to deliver your needs. Unlike standard conventional image based banners, flash banners can:

  • achieve higher click-through rate due the attention grabbing effects
  • Smooth and dynamic animation
  • Small file size with crisp graphics
  • Have you thought about a website banner for your company?

    If you are swapping links with other companies or are advertising within a related web site, you may need a banner to advertise your site. We aim to provide you with a unique, eye catching banner that will stand out from the rest. We will design the banner in whatever format you need (ie. static gif, animated gif or Flash)